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The Sweet Tooth Dilemma:

Sugar is seductive, dangerous and hard to quit. Here's how to walk away.

Coming Spring 2023!

Change Happens

A daily journal with research-informed prompts to help move you towards your goals and greater wellbeing.

Available Spring 2023


How government policies and the marketing of convenience culture created the health crisis of chronic disease.

(manuscript in development)

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Change Happens daily journal
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Consulting: Social Change Marketing

Using the latest theory and research to inspire behavior change, she creates campaigns, interventions, and media products that engage target audiences, and improve health outcomes.

This work involves delving deeply into the values, beliefs, and mindsets of the people we want to connect with to develop a pathway for change. She employs numerous approaches to research, including interviewing, focus groups, online surveying, intercepts, and direct observation.

Dr. Grayson brings together talented communication professionals to create multi-platform campaigns aimed at informing and influencing the behaviors of targeted populations. Her most recent work is health promotion, substance abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, and alternative transportation. Clients include: Vermont Department of Health, Connecticut Department of Health, The University of Vermont, Vermont Court Diversion Program, For more information on consulting work, click http://thegraysongroup.net


Virtual presentations, workshops and in-person keynotes on a variety of health, mindset and personal performance topics. People in your organization will learn from research-based information and be inspired to think differently about their health. Contact Dr. Andrea Grayson about virtual and in-person presentations. The topics she is currently speaking about are:

Rethinking Sugar (aka Does Sugar Have a Spell on You?)
Winning Your Mental Game
Are your beliefs holding you back?
Harnessing Your 10 Superpowers

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Compassion and tough love are grounded in brain science research to help people make transformative changes in their lives.  Whether working one-on-one or in small groups, health and mindset coaching helps you leverage the power of your mind to help you reach new heights. Are you ready to discover the awesome power of your mind to transform your relationship with food, the world and with yourself?

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Courses and Programs

Do you have issues with sugar and carbs? If you have trouble controlling what you eat, in spite of your best intensions, sugar and carbs may be the problem. And you wouldn't be alone. I can tell you this: there’s power, control, and peace when you finally break free from a sugar/carb dependency.

Many health problems resolve themselves when you quit sugar, like poor sleep, mood swings, joint pain, skin issues, and more. But quitting sugar is hard! You've got habits and history, and plenty of resistance to change.

The first step to reclaiming your health is learning more, and in this case, learning what sugar actually does in the body, so you can stay motivated. The truth is that you can take control of your health. You just need the right combination of information, strategy, tools, and support.

You can do this! Sign up for our courses, or bring them to your workplace.

Rethinking Sugar (free mini-course explains the WHY of quitting sugar)

Breaking Free from Sugar (guided program that gives you the HOW)

The Brain Science of Self Sabotage (a mini-workshop)