Creative Problem Solving

You have a brain, ergo, you are creative. It’s just the way we’re built. The trick is to maximize the ways in which you think and use your brain, so that possibilities continue to expand instead of narrow.

Creativity manifests in myriad ways, including:
– Creative play;
– Creative expression; and
– Creative problem solving.

We all can indulge and exercise creativity in all of these areas:
– Creative play for stress reduction, attitude adjustment, and as a precursor to most anything;
– Creative expression for the exploration of abstract ideas, emotions and wonder; and,
– Creative problem solving as the means to address social and behavior change through strategic use of the media.

Creativity, and its cohort the imagination, are processes that require nurturing and exercise to maximize their potential. As is the case with any muscle or activity, you get better at it with practice.

I call the work I do with individuals, work teams and entire organizations Building Creative Capital, and welcome the opportunity to discuss how developing creativity will enhance your personal, professional or organization’s productivity and joy.

Just as the reward of practicing patience is patience, the reward of exercising creativity is being more creative.

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