Hi! I'm Andrea and I help people harness their minds and thinking to improve their health.

Would you like to make better progress with your health and mindset goals?

Does it seem like you're tethered to your past habits and can't break free?

While there's no magic pill to creating change, there are definitely some  strategies and tools to making healthier choices easier, starting with your thoughts.


Do you have a sugar/carb addiction? Have you tried to master your sugar intake and continue to fall back on old patterns?

You know you should be able to control what you eat, but it doesn't always work that way.  What you need is the right combination of information, strategy, tools and support. 

The truth is that you can take control of your health. When you quit sugar, you regain the power to choose.

The first week of Breaking Free from Sugar is FREE! You'll learn all that you need to get started. You can do this! 


Behavior Change Communications and Media Production

Using the latest theory and research to inspire behavior change, we create campaigns, interventions and media products that engage target audiences and improve heath outcomes.


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Mind Over Matter: Winning the Mental Game of Weight Loss

How do your thoughts and feelings keep you overweight? Oh, in so many ways! 

Sure, excess weight develops from eating too much (likely of the wrong things) and exercising too little (for the amount of food you have consumed). But it is also your attitude, your thoughts and your beliefs that initiate and sustain your relationship to -- and practice with -- food and exercise. 

Now you might ask, “What do my thoughts and beliefs have to do with the weight I’m trying to lose, isn’t it just about what I eat?” Well, if you think/believe that you deserve a cookie to reward yourself for day of hard work or workout, or believe you need to eat carbs for energy, or associate brownies with your loving grandmother, or any number of other self-limiting beliefs, your actions of overeating are tied to your thoughts/beliefs.

up-level your health and mental game

Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops


Through generations of relentless marketing, we've come to believe that eating sugar is normal. The fact is that it is a primary contributor to the leading cause of death, heart disease. Learn the truth and reclaim your health.

Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops


Rocket Fuel: Eating for productivity, creativity and stamina.

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What people say about working with Andrea





 Andrea’s approach to this program truly takes in to account, and is understanding of the fact, that many of us are making major habit and lifestyle changes. Yet her encouragement and supportive educational materials made it easy to want to make a lasting change.  My new relationship with sugar feels sustainable. My body is thanking me - and Andrea!  





Andrea's  informative lessons, backed by thorough research, kept me motivated to see the No-Added-Sugar Challenge through to the end. I was also supported by Andrea's multi-pronged approach to setting up support systems, which ensured my success. Lastly, her positive messaging and down-to-earth approach allowed me to get over some early setbacks. I was feeling the differences occurring with my body in a matter of days. After 1 week into the challenge, my energy level leveled out and there was no looking back!





 Andrea goes above and beyond what one might expect from a health coach. She digs deep with her clients to understand their motivation and their emotional triggers in order to help lead them toward a healthier lifestyle. The approach is both educational and compassionate, both of which were important to me in deciding to work with her.  We’ve done amazing work together, I’m so grateful.  She is an inspiration.

more about Andrea


Andrea Lee Grayson, EdD, MA is accomplished in numerous fields, including video production, marketing strategy, program development and community engagement, and also conduct primary research and program evaluations. A life-long pursuer of health, wellness and spirituality, she now has two primary areas of focus: empowering and inspiring healthy lifestyle changes through writing, talks, workshops and online courses; and, pursuing policy solutions to create greater health equity. 

Social Change Marketing
Drawing on several methodologies and employing a mix of media outlets, Dr. Grayson designs campaigns to address a variety of health and social issues in targeted populations. Her media work with behavior change methodology includes work with the Vermont Department of Health’s WIC program, numerous colleges in Vermont to address excessive alcohol consumption, and collaborating with broadcast producers in Swaziland, Africa to create pro-social health messaging to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Dr. Grayson has an appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, teaching in the Masters of Public Health Program. She has been teaching college-level courses in Social Marketing, Media Studies, and Media Production since 1994. Recent courses include: The Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health, Communication for Social GoodMedia Production for Social Change, and Marketing Social Change. Several courses involve opportunities for academic service learning, where students apply their learning to address social issues in their community.

Media Production
Dr. Grayson has a background in news, educational, and advertising/corporate media production, and is the co-founder of the production company It’s a Fine Mess! Productions. Her video productions have received national attention, including a 2015 Silver Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for This is My UVM Hillel. The illustrated video What Is Court Diversion? was a finalist in the prestigious Media for a Just Society Awards. She is also the producer of the award-winning children’s video Woodhead Saves the Farm. [

Health & Wellness
Through presentations, workshops and courses, Dr. Grayson provides information and inspiration for people to advance their health and fitness. Her current start-up is Breaking Free from Sugar, a 6-week online course to help people break their physical and emotional attachments to sugar. 

Dr. Grayson has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from The University of Vermont, a Master’s in Media Ecology from New York University, and a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Art & Aesthetics from Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach.