Do you have a sugar/carb addiction? There’s power, control and peace when you finally break free.

You know you should be able to control what you eat, but it doesn’t always work that way. The truth is that you can take control of your health. What you need is the right combination of information, strategy, tools and support. When you quit sugar, you regain the power to choose and take action towards what you really want. You can do this!

Charlene T.

“The science behind it is what really made me realize this is different. It solves the root of the problem versus a band-aid solution. This program changed my family’s life! Both my husband and I lost a lot of weight and we both have reduced sugar cravings. We have a young daughter ad we are her role models for eating sugar free.”


Award-winning media and behavior change interventions

Using the latest theory and research to inspire behavior change, we create campaigns, interventions and media products that engage target audiences and improve heath outcomes. Andrea is also a multi-award-winning video producer.


Virtual presentations and in-person talks on a variety of health, mindset and personal performance topics, including:

  • Rethinking Sugar
  • Overriding the Default Settings of Your Brain
  • The Power to Change
  • Does Sugar Have a Spell on You?
  • Overweight America: How we got this way
  • The Micro-Aggressions to Your Health You’re Not Even Aware Of

Conversations that transform

Whether working 1:1 or in small groups, health and mindset coaching helps you leverage the power of your own mind to help you reach new heights.

Are you ready to discover the awesome power of your own mind to transform your relationship with food and with yourself?

Corina B.

“Andrea goes above and beyond what one might expect from a health coach. She digs deep with her clients to understand their motivation and their emotional triggers in order to help lead them toward a healthier lifestyle. The approach is both educational and compassionate, both of which were important to me in deciding to work with her. We’ve done amazing work together, I’m so grateful. She is an inspiration.”