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 Since 2008, Dr. Andrea Grayson has been creating programs, products and communication campaigns that inspire behavior change. Where do you want to go?


First thing’s first: Is it time for you to get handle on sugar and carbs?

Many people don’t realize just how devastating sugar and flour is to the body — because it’s so darn pleasurable! Take your first step to better health by learning more about what sugar does in the body and why it’s so hard to quit with the free course Rethinking Sugar Take the free mini-course

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“Andrea goes above and beyond what one might expect from a health coach. She digs deep with her clients to understand their motivation and their emotional triggers in order to help lead them toward a healthier lifestyle. The approach is both educational and compassionate, both of which were important to me in deciding to work with her. We’ve done amazing work together, I’m so grateful. She is an inspiration.”

– Corina B.

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“The science behind it is what really made me realize this is different. It solves the root of the problem versus a band-aid solution. This program changed my family’s life! Both my husband and I lost a lot of weight and we both have reduced sugar cravings. We have a young daughter and we are her role models for eating sugar-free.”

– Charlene T.